Under the will ofon ly the ceaselessly researching enterprises can survive, our company established an annex research institute and continuously performing research development, various data analysis, and technology development.

We have acquired the technology to develop and produce the high-quality plastic cage for bearing in shortest time through research/develop and standardize the mold structure for stably producing the plastic cage for bearing, which ison e of the main items of our company. The results of this research and development are formed into intellectual properties such as various patents, utility model, and registration of designs and the rights are protected.

As the result of continuous research and development relating to mold technology and injection molding technology needed for manufacturing high-precision optic/lens holder parts, our company made the substitute for import with the success of 100% localization about optics/lens holder that depended wholly on imports before. Using the techniques and know-how accumulated through this various research development activity as the basis, our company is performing the focused research/development activity in optics field that is evaluated as one of the core business of the future.

We are not only producing the main parts of camera for mobile phone, but also researching the technology needed for manufacturing the high-resolution camera module. With the 2003 establishment of Optics Department, we started to produce high-precision IR-CUT FILTER by applying and standardizing the researched and developed lens injection technology, optical coating technology, lens and filter precision cutting technology, optical bonding technology, assembly technology, etc. and doing our best to produce better products.

To become the production Mecca of future high-tech precision parts aiming at the 21st Century, we are doing our best on research development of high-precision mold development, high-precision injection development, high-tech optics field, and digital field, and also researching and investing ceaselessly through industry, education, and research, and even today we will spend all our power on research and development to become the research institute that represents Korea