Our company’s Optics Department is developing and producing targeting optical parts, optical system assembly, and optical element as the main market. We are trying to give trust and value to our customers by securing the independent position through opening and maintaining the new market that grafts the optical science and semiconductor process together and also through differentiate from the existing optical business industry by developing and producing the accurate optical parts applying the semiconductor process. Recently, we are controlling and maintaining the cleanliness because various optical parts are not permitting the particle contamination. The market demanding the optical parts processing and assembling is rapidly rising and we are operating our business dependingon the increasing trend of the module market.



High-precision dicing precision cutting



Coating equipment/Measuring equipment



 Coating equipment : Provides excellent thin film coating using the E-Beam and RF-Ion Assist method and the                              low temperature coating (PMMA, etc.) using the Poly-cold system.
 Measuring equipment : Provides x100/z450 magnification microscope and encoder that can measure down
                                 to particle 1㎛.


Reliability tester and washing equipment









Provide accurate data management through possessing x100/z450 magnification microscope, encoder that can measure down to particle 1㎛, and spectrometer



Techniques  related to optical filter

   Vacuum Plating, (E-beam plating, Sputtering plating)

Semiconductor processing techniques

   Dicing, Cleaning, Plating technique (Dielectric plating)

Bonding techniques

   IR Filter and Holder, UV Bonding, Epoxy, B-Stage

Optical system designing technique

   Optical system for character recognition, P/L equipment
   (wafer examination equipment) development and soon .

Optical element application technique

   DOE, LED and LD after process technique and Application

Biometrics technique

   Fingerprint recognition algorithm, Optical device for fingerprint
   recognition manufacturing technique.

Embedded techniques

   System Development, 32bit RISC (Reduced instruction set computer system)
   chip application product.