Our company’s Molding Department has pride in the nation’s best precision injection molding with the nation’s first full equipment of electric injection mold. Especially, we specialize in the precision engineering plastic injection molding and also produce and supply plastic cage for bearing, digital optical lens holder, and phone camera micro module components to domestic and foreign companies.
All process including injection molding, washing, automatic assembly, and drying/damping of ultra-precision parts are performed in automatic system and we are providing our best effort and research in development of substitute for plastic precision products used in digital parts, electronic, electric, and car.



High-tech injection molding equipment-Electric Injection



We are noton ly equipped with many electric injections, which are high-tech injection molding equipments, but also try our best to get stable injection molding result and increase the quality by placing highly experienced employees.


High-tech Dehumidification Equipment and Raw Material Center Supply Equipment



The quality control for precision injection has to be performed strictly from the raw material control stage. For this, our company is equipped with dehumidification equipment and raw material center supply equipment and aim at perfection from the early stage of quality control.



Exclusive Equipment for Washing and Assembly



  Because the bearing is a part that the regulation about the noise is fairly strict, cleanliness control is most   important. For this, we have ultrasonic washing machine and perfectly strict quality control.


Automatic Assembling Machine/ Drying and Damping Equipment




 ※ Automatic Assembling Machine : We have exclusive assembling machine to automatically assemble the
                                                     plastic cage for bearing.